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Parenting Teens

With Love and Logic
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My camping experiences are with younger children so far. Please help me add to this page by E-Mailing your tips to Camp-A-Roo.

Let your teens bring books,walkmans, ect. When thay want to be left alone thay have somting better to do than picking on a sibling or getting in trouble. Provided by The Nicholas Family

To keep my teens from getting "bored" on the long ride, I have taught them how to be navigators. They read the map before we go so they will know which routes we are taking and what they would like to see along the way.
Each takes a turn riding up front in the motorhome and telling me where
we are. No more "Are We There Yet?"

When planning our vacations I let each person pick a day that we will do something they want to do. This includes myself as well.  Each of them also gets to choose a dinner meal of their choice and then fix it. Somehow when they get to use the BBQ the meals always taste better.

We bring along a few tapes of old radio shows like "The Shadow" and listen to them when we are sitting around the campfire.

I make sure on each one of these camp trips we stay a few days at campgrounds were there is swimming available.  Not only do they keep busy and are having fun with other kids but I get to lay on a blanket and read!
Last four great suggestions provided by Robert Boone

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