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Have Fun with your Kids

The Lazy Way
Camping with

The first time out with a baby or child camping can be pretty nerve racking for Mom and Dad.

The first few times I found myself so worried that I didn't enjoy
camping at all.

Was the baby too cold? Would the baby get too hot? How could I keep bottles sterilized? What happens if the baby gets sick, gets hurt, gets scared, etc...
I was going nuts worrying about everything.

Two kids and many camping trips have taught me a great deal. There are only two things you really need to know.

  1. Babies are tough. People have raised children in extreme conditions for thousands of years. Your child will be fine!

  2. Knowledge defeats worry. The more you reaserch camping with an infant, the more relaxed you will become!

Make this a pleasent trip for both you and your baby! Go prepared.

Camping with Kids

What's more difficult than camping with babies? Camping with kids, of course!
I meet more and more parents seeking a family vacation they can afford - and these people are trying out camping for the first time with their kids.

Taking children camping requires a bit of planning, especially if they have never camped before. Smaller children may be frightened, older kids might be bored.
If you expect the kids to jump out of the car and entertain themselves for the duration of your trip you may be pretty darn dissapointed.

Spend some time in the family fun section of Camp-A-Roo stocking up on games to entertain the gang, have everyone participate in packing and meal planning, and find out what your child would like to before you pick a campground.

Let your gang plan their own time. Don't stick yourself with that job. And don't forget! This is your vacation too!
Put those kids to work!

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