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The best and the worst

Sometimes you find a camping or hiking product you really like. Other times you may find a real stinker. Camp-A-Roo now offers product reviews. We may be able to save you a bit of heartache and an empty wallet or you might find information on a product you really need.

The products reviewed by Camp-A-Roo are put through rigorous testing provided by our staff of two destructive children, a big guy who hikes his shoes into the ground, and yours truly!
We don't employ robots or do tests in controlled conditions.
We test these products on the trail and in the camp
(where else could you test 'em - right?).

Camp-A-Roo rates products by price, practicality, usefulness, and quality.
Products are rated by the 'Roo Scale'. The best products get four roos and the worst get one.

Cowboy Hank's Hot Dog Holders

If you like to cook over a campfire, this is
the gadget for you!
This product gets Roos!
Tired of plucking burnt hot dogs out of the fire? Don't like tree bark in your marshmallows? This is the ultimate campfire tool.
Just take any stick and put a Cowboy Hank's Hot Dog Holder on the end of it. Put your hot dog, marshmallow, vegetable chunk, etc. on the end
and you're ready to cook!

Cowboy Hank's Hot Dog Holders
This is a cooking tool and the hot dog holder does have sharp points for spearin' the dogs. Please use caution with small children.

The Kelty Trek

A great kid carrier backpack
Do you want to go places where strollers can not go? Would you like to take your baby/toddler out and still keep your hands free? This is the way to go!
This product gets Roos!
I started out with a cheap second-hand backpack. My hubby and I had decided to put hiking on hold until our son was old enough to enjoy it (we didn't realize that all babies enjoy hiking - no matter what age). We just bought the cheap little pack for easy shopping and such. After a few walks we realized that our boy loved being in the backpack. We decided it was time to get a real pack and hit the trails.

We researched backpacks for quite a while. To see our criteria click here. Go ahead - the features are worth a look!
...OK, now that you're back - more info on the pack! We bought it. We hiked up and down - on trail, through brush, over rocks and streams (I even fell in a river once :-). This pack does not travel exceedingly well. It takes up a great deal of space. This requires more planning but is worth the added packing effort. Of course - for all of the features this pack offers it is worth it! If you plan on having more than one child it is worth the investment. If you plan on hiking more than a few miles a few times a year with your child - and might use a backpack in regular family functions - it is worth it. If you have a relative or a friend who is planning on having kids - it is worth it.
This backpack is not inexpensive.

During a big family hike - this pack broke. Fortunately - this pack came with a lifetime warranty. The pack was repaired and shipped back to me quickly - and Kelty even reimbursed me for shipping costs. We have had no problems with this pack since!

Do you have a product you would like rated by Camp-A-Roo?
Please contact us by clicking here.