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Tips for Parents

Don't expect to make a whirlwind trip -  Your children may not enjoy seeing five parks in four days. Most young children will remember a great spot with good dirt for digging in - not many different famous monuments. Older kids will enjoy meeting other kids and moving from spot to spot will not encourage friendships.

Camping involves car travel - The more time you spend in the car with your child, the less you will enjoy your trip. A long car trip is frustrating for a pre-teen and impossible for a young child. A long initial trip is bearable - but if you plan on getting back in the car every day - be prepared for a long unpleasant trip.

This is your vacation - Don't make this a trip just for the kids. There can be a happy medium.

Choose a good place - Research the recreation area well and avoid complications later on. If you have young children, pick a place that you will be able to supervise kids with a limited amount of effort.

Entertaining children between eight and twelve - Many parks (state and federal) offer a junior ranger program. Some of these programs will actually get the kids out of your hair for an hour or so, and others will require your childrens attention. Either way - these programs will educate and entertain the kids for quite a while.

Don't bring a pet - An animal can require a great deal of attention on a camping trip. Cats run away and dogs can be a nuisance. Dogs are big offenders in trail maintenance and are not allowed on most trails. Many people leave dogs in their camping site on a trip - not realizing that their dog is whining and barking the whole time they are away. Dogs may chase wildlife - and animals that run through poison oak or ivy will transmit it to anyone who touches the animal. Some dogs are well behaved campground members - but don't take along an animal if you already have children to care for. The kids may miss the dog - but who has to take care of it? A neighbor or a kennel may be the best choice.

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