Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

What is a Camp-A-Roo?

I am!

My name is Mary Bouldin. My husband Bryan and I live in California and we both love the outdoors. We have three sons named Blake, Zack, and Tommy. When our first son was born my husband and I thought our camping days were over. Were we wrong!

We started out with a three night camping trip when our first son Blake was three months old and haven't stopped yet. We introduced our son Zack to camping at six weeks. Our newest addition was born on Sept. 28th of 2000, but due to medical problems, Tom wasn't able to camp until he was well over a year old. Tom is a big camper now, and enjoys trips as much as his brothers do.

Our family went to Joshua Tree National Monumentin April of 1997, and did a two week trip to Utah as well.
We went camping in late May and again in early June of 1999 on the Los Padres National Forest.
Our family went on vacation in mid September and went to Chiricahua National Monument and a bunch of other great places in Arizona and New Mexico.
We traveled to the Big Sur area of California in late 2003 (Pacific Valley) after more trips to Arizona earlier that year.

So why are we such camping fools? My husband is an employee of an agency he would rather not mention (his job deals with management of public land for camping and stuff - but it really isn't as cool as you would think). I used to be an employee of the California Conservation Corp., the Our family hikingU.S.Forest Service, and the California Dept. of Parks and Recreation.

I am now a full time mother and student, so the camping trips have slowed down for now. I met my guy working in the woods (well, driving the trash truck actually!). We were both scouts (pretty nerdy right?) and both spent our childhood's out looking for bugs and digging in the dirt. We generlly aren't happy unless we go camping at least once every two months.

Bryan and I are not Native Americans nor are we experts on the culture; but we love petrogliffs (Native American carving/paintings). You won't find locations to all of the petrogliffs we have seen as some people don't seem to treat them with care. Many of my 'Great Places' pages include information on petrogliffs in the area. Please read 'Mary's rules of the forest' before visiting a petrogliff site!

So, why did I name my main site camp-a-roo? It's pretty embarrassing, but since you've made it this far I'll tell you. When I was pregnant with my son I got pretty large (5'2" and 180? Well... really humongous!) and my husband found a pet name for our offspring and myself. I was quite chubby - but I explained that this was all because of the baby (right?!). Bryan decided that I was something like a kangaroo with the baby in a pouch in the front. As I am not a marsupial - I was not a kangaroo.... I was a chubb-a-roo. Unfortunately, this name stuck.

Chubb-a-roo has become an endearment in my home (who would believe it?) and as I sat down to rename my web page to a name friendly to both campers and kids - my husband called me by my nickname, forever sealing the fate of this web page.

My husband Bryan is not excited by spending hours in front of a computer - but he has been a wonderful help with this web page. Bryan has added useful input, has provided great park information, has taken me camping to some really fantastic places, and has proveded some wonderful photographs!

Glad to introduce myself... see you around!

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