Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Great Places to Camp

This is how we evaluate the nice (and not so nice) campgrounds, hiking areas, and recreation spots that the Camp-A-Roo gang have been to. You can find suggestions and camping tips on age appropriate activities, camping experience, facilities provided, hiking spots, and areas with native american art work and Indian ruins at National Parks, Forests, and other locations in the USA.

For a listing of all of the parks, just check out the links to the left under 'Great Places'.

Most of the symbols below are universally recognized and all are used on the Camp-A-Roo park pages.

rangerRanger Station or Visitor Center - You can find information on just about anything you want to do here!

picnicDesignated picnic areas or good places to picnic with easy parking.

campDesignated camping area in the park or suggestions on where camping may be available.

trailsSelf guiding trail. Usually has trail information posted along the way, or pamphlets with information at the trail head.

waterWater available in camping or recreation areas. Many places without water in the park have potable water at the Ranger Station, but I have listed these areas as having no water as this is an inconvenience that requires planning.

boatBoat ramp available.

petroPetrogliffs and/or Native American ruins in the area.

Our Park Ratings

Each park visited by the Camp-A-Roo crew is rated on the quality of recreational opportunities, staff knowledge and courtesy, upkeep of facilities, and general impression.

Sites fall under four categories.

Four roos signify an excellent recreational experience. The fees were reasonable for the facilities, we loved the staff - we feel that this is a park that you can't loose with.

Three roos signify a good recreational experience. Either we were fairly pleased with everything or there was a problem - but it was something we could live with.

Two roos signify a less than pleasant stay by our gang. This is not a park that Camp-A-Roo would recommend but this area may still have some spots of interest.

One roo signifies an area that we found terrible! If you voluntarily visit a one roo spot after reading this - don't hold us responsible!

Another consideration when judging recreation areas is to decide if the area is worth a return visit. Some two roo sites qualify for a second visit due to content - while some four roo sites are great for a one time visit but don't offer much to a return visitor.

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