Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Make Camping Fun!

Long drives or rainy nights can ruin a great vacation - unless you do a little planning and come prepared.

Busy children are happy children! Fun games and projects can keep kids and parents happy. Here you can find activities for in the car, on the trail, and at the campsite.

Car Games

The ABC Game

We play this game on long car trips.
We start with the letter A, then find things that begin with that letter on our ride, we can use signs, billboards or even liscense plates. It is great fun and usually keeps the children occupied for many miles. Especially when you get to certain letters like "q" or ''x"......Also, when I was younger, we would find the cars that we would love to have and say..."I got it" This is for young teens and it is fun too, you get the personality of the children by which cars they would love to have!!


We play a travel game called "woody". A "woody" is a car, van, etc. that has the wood panel sides. When you see one you yell "woody" and you get a point. Decide(before you start) how many points the game is going to before you declare the winner. We usually say first oneto 5 points wins. If, for some reason, you do not feel comfortable yelling out "woody" you could call the game "wood car" or some other name...but play is the same.

Provided by Terry and Robin

The Name Game

Here's a way to keep the kids occupied on those long trips! Pick out a letter of the alphabet and take turns giving a first name. ( C - Carol, Carl, Candy, Carter, etc.) Keep track of how many names each person has come up with. The person who can think of the most names that start with that letter is the winner!

Window Pictures

Do you remember those Colorform plastic shapes you used to stick in place to make a picture? Well, they work great on car windows! Your young artist can make neat images for his/her own amusement and older kids can decorate the rear side windows for other car passengers to see.

Story Time

My kids, ages 4 and 7, loved listening to THE WOLF STORY on cassette. My husband and I enjoyed it also. The kids listened to it over and over. I purchased it through Chinaberry Books (mail order).

Magna Doodle -

This wonderful toy leaves etch-a-scetch miles behind. You can draw an image for your young child to 'color in' or an older child can create! This item erases with ease and can also be used for tic-tac-toe or scorekeeping.

Camp Games

Guess What!

You only need two people to play this game. Both people pick up an object of nature without the other one seeing what it is. They sit back to back and ask yes and no questions about the object. The first to guess what the other one has wins.

From Jenny Rotondo

Flashlight Tag

My son and nieces and nephew all look forward to playing flashlight tag, with my husband starting out as "it." Sometimes the rules change, the kids who get caught by my husband get put into jail and someone has to come save them. Everyone is instructed to stay within a certain area, not to bother other campers, and to stay away from any fires.

From Robyn

Big Foot

Before you go camping make footprint makers. You can use styrofoam or plywood. Have your child help you to design wild and strange footprints on paper (not too big or your child will fall over). Then trace the image onto styrofoam or plywood and let mom or dad cut them out. Attach laces or elastic so they can be tied to the child's feet and you're ready to go!
Your child can make strange footprints all around the campsite or if you are camping with more than one child you can play a tracking game - allowing one child to make tracks while others get to track the 'beast'.

Cloud Watching

Want to get the kids to unwind? Relax and enjoy the day with a little cloud watching. Just lay back and share what you see - and look for things your children describe!

Crazy Olympics -

This is a lot of fun for families or groups with three or more kids. Allow the kids to think up crazy olympic events (prune spitting, somersaults, pine cone stacking - whatever, as long as it's safe!). Then set the olympic event into action! If you have a video camera, I highly recommend it for this! Make sure there is an adult present at the finish of each event to prevent arguments - and bring plenty of awards! Everyone should be a winner - and picnic tables work great for the award ceremony!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to teach your kids how to pay attention to their surroundings while hiking or camping.Just click on the title to see the directions!

Trash Scavenger Hunt

Help keep your forest clean and make your site lovely with this game while keeping the kids occupied. Just click on the title to see the directions!

Easter Hunt

Every Easter we have an outdoor evening egg hunt using flashlights. The kids love it and it helps with the cabin fever of living in a cold climate to start camping again.


Do you have any family games or activities I have forgotten? Please send 'em to Camp-A-Roo and we'll add them to the page!

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