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The Strutting Frog Award

Sample Strutting Frog Award
In my 'virtual' hikes around the web I have seen many interesting sites, plenty of terrible web pages, and a few really exceptional spots!

After coming across some really noteworthy pages - I decided that it was time for Camp-A-Roo to hand out an award!

The Right Stuff

You don't need to have a camping or nature related web site to get an award (but it helps :-)
What we are looking for are sites that make us smile - places that have attitude - spots that stick out from the millions of web sites on the internet. We are looking for sites that are fine, fancy, and are worthy of the "Strutting Frog Award".

A few things to keep in mind.........

  • If your site has pop-up windows - please warn us so we will go when at our best (pop-up ads generally make us a bit cross!)
  • Business sites are fine - but only submit your site if you designed it.
  • Home pages are cool - but if your page consists of pictures of the family pet, Uncle John's favorite fish shaped plate, or is otherwise (YECH!) drivel - please try for an award someplace else. After volunteering at GeoCities for a year I just don't think I can handle too much more of that sort of thing!!!
  • If your page has 'under construction' written anyplace on it - FINISH IT FIRST! A good web page is never finished anyway - dispense with the signs!
  • If you have a bunch of missing images or non-functioning links we will find 'em! Please fix 'em first!
  • It's gotta be clean. No porno - no racism - and if it's illegal you can bet we'll report it!
  • The bottom line is - We gotta like it! Is your page interesting? Does it make a point? Submit it!

    Warning: If your page is not found awesome enough for this award, you are welcome to reapply. The Camp-A-Roo gang is pretty opinionated - and you just might get a letter telling you what was found wrong with your site. If you are looking for a web site critique - this may work for you! If you are over-sensitive and hate criticism you may want to seek your award elsewhere :-)

    Site Title:
    Site URL:
    Your FULL REAL Name:
    Your E-mail Address:

    Site Description:

    This award maintained through the free FastAward system. Check it out at STE/IO Services!

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