Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Camping with your Dog

Summertime is Traveltime and if your dog is going places with you, here are a few suggestions that may make your vacation even better and more safe.

Lyme vaccination is worthwhile if you’re traveling in the Northern California, Oregon, or Washington coastal areas, the northeastern states, or Minnesota and Wisconsin. This is expected to be a very bad "tick year" and you should consider using Frontline since it kills ticks as well as fleas, and is waterproof.

Heartworm medication, after a simple test for dogs older than 6 months, is recommended if you’re going along the Pacific Coast north of Monterey; the Sierras, Texas, the Midwest, or the Eastern Coastal states. Monthly medication is also worthwhile if you live in the San Marcos Pass area in California or other areas where hearworms are a common problem.

Giardia vaccination should be given if you’ll be hiking in the local mountains, or in areas that are swampy or are associated with stagnant water or creek beds (In the Santa Barbara area this includes East Beach, the UCSB slough, and Lake Los Carneros).

If you’ll be hiking in the Sierras or the local mountains, Airport Animal Hospital can make up a "rattlesnake kit" in case of an emergency.

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