Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Forest Policies You may not Like

Our National Parks and Forests are making major changes in policy without seeking the opinions of their visitors. I feel that this is wrong and is unfair.
Pilot programs are being put into effect that will change the face of camping and park visitation forever - unless we stop these programs from being implimented.

Most parks trying out these pilot programs are required to provide the success rate of the program. If you go camping and find that the fees have doubled - but choose to enter the park and pay higher fees; this is counted as your approval.

This area is written to all who think that the public has a right to know what our government does with our land. I provide information on the pilot programs to look out for as well as serious park inconsistencies.

The Issues

Handicap Access
Shure, the parking places right up front are nice, but haven't we missed something?

The Adventure Pass
Do you want to pay for what you get for free now? Admission to the US Forests may no longer be a free deal.

Your campgrounds may not be run by the Forest Service anymore. Is the private sector going to put your recreation needs ahead of their wallet?

Double fees
Do you want to pay twice the amount to camp in the same National Park?

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