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Renting out the Forest

There is a new pilot program afoot in the forest - the U.S.Forest Service, that is. This is concessionaire.

The basic idea is simple. The forest offers the campgrounds up for concessionaire to potential concessionaires. People 'bid' on the areas they would like to have control over. The person who offers the Forest Service the highest amount for the use of the campgrounds wins! The people who 'win' maintain the campgrounds to some extent and in return for this maintenance and the necessary 'kickback' to the Forest Service, they get to collect the camping fees as profit.

The Forest Service is no longer required to train their employees to take in money, the earning potential of the campground is more rigidly enforced and the Forest Service is relieved of many of the chores of maintaining the campgrounds. The Forest Service even gets to take away some revenue for all this. It sounds just peachy, doesn't it?


I have a few reservations about this system in principle.

The Issues

I questioned the employees in Kiosks which I knew to be working under concessionaires about their status and was either given the run-around or given a direct lie. Not one person I spoke with would simply state that they were working as or with a concessionaire. Now why is that?

I think that this pilot program should crash and burn! If you think that this 'cure' the Forest Service has implemented is more trouble than the original problem, please drop a line to the person I have listed below.

If you think that this program is a good thing and have some information that I don't - please e-mail me!

Mr. Glickman Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman - drop this guy a letter if you think this plan needs to be rethought out.

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