Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

The Good Camper Test


Each question has several choices as an answer. Select the choice you think is most correct by clicking on the circle next to your selection.

The bad news is that you must get all of the questions correct to receive your 'Good Camper' award. The good news is that you can take this test as many times as you like and it's all multiple choice.

If you are really motivated to earn a 'Bad Camper' award, all you have to do is fail every question!

1. It's ok to use wood that has fallen from the trees in your campsite:
A. If it's cold.
B. Never.
C. Only if it's posted.
D. If the camp store is out of wood.

2. Always leave your site:
A. Before the camp hosts get up and ask you to pay.
B. Empty so other campers will think you've left even though you have paid for three more nights.
C. A big mess. You might as well get your money's worth.
D. Cleaner than you found it.

3. When you get to the campground late:
A. Honk your horn three times so your friends can find you.
B. Use your parking lights to find a site.
C. Drive around the campground at least three times so you're sure to find the best site.
D. Don't bother paying your fees. If you leave early, who will know the difference?

4. If you camp in an R.V., the best way to be a good camper is to:
A. Run your generator at 2:00 a.m.
B. Don't use a backer when parking your rig. Who cares how many times you have to try?
C. Run your gray water line into a nearby ditch.
D. None of the above.

5. Trees are great for:
A. Looking at.
B. For ax throwing contests.
C. For hanging your laundry in.
D. For tying up your dog.

6. When you bring your dog camping:
A. Train it to chase the wildlife.
B. Keep it in the car.
C. Keep it on a leash.
D. Let it dig up everything in site (better here than your yard).

7. When you see a wild animal you should:
A. Assume it's fairly tame (it's in the park, right?) and offer it a snack.
B. Keep your distance and enjoy the view.
C. Let your kids chase it.
D. Throw rocks at it. It might come back and eat your food if you don't.

8. The water faucet near your site is:
A. For washing dishes.
B. The best place to wash your hair.
C. Convenient for hooking up to your R.V.
D. For filling up water containers.

9. If you encounter a mountain lion you should:
A. Run like hell.
B. Turn you back to the cat.
C. Wave your arms around and yell loudly.
D. Offer it your lunch and leave quietly while the cat eats it.

10. When out on the trail you should:
A. Wear a hat.
B. Use lots of sun screen.
C. Bring water.
D. All of the above.

11. If you are hiking and see three rocks stacked one on top of the other - it means:
A. Danger.
B. The trail is this way.
C. Landslide ahead.
D. Someone likes to stack rocks.

12. Which burns best in the fire pit?
A. Wood.
B. Disposable diapers.
C. Aluminum cans.
D. Cigarette butts.

13. If you see native american rock art or structures:
A. You should add your name to all of the people who went before you.
B. You should enjoy them without touching them.
C. You should hop up on the buildings for a really good photo.
D. You should take a little chip of the structure as a souvenir. After all, who knows how long these relics will be around?

14. If you find a bee hive on the trail you should:
A. Run like hell.
B. Kill a few bees.
C. Leave it alone.
D. Try to smoke the bees out. There's nothing like fresh honey.

15. If a snake bites you, you should:
A. Have someone try to suck out the poison.
B. Keep the bitten area lower than heart level and seek medical attention immediately.
C. Cut the area open an try to bleed out the poison.
D. Bite it back.

16. Which law does not apply in a campground or public recreation area?
A. Litter laws, that's what the Rangers are for.
B. Drinking and driving laws. You're not on a real road, right?
C. Speed limit laws. Who drives 15 mph anyway?
D. All laws apply in the park.

17. What is the best way to leave a fire?
A. Dead out.
B. Well contained in the pit.
C. Smoldering under a bunch of fresh pine needles.
D. Burning with a lot of fresh wood. Then you won't have to start it again later.

18. What is the best way to start a fire?
A. Gasoline.
B. Napalm.
C. Use matches, with cardboard or bark and small sticks for kindling.
D. Use the toilet paper from the camp restroom.

19. When the fire danger is listed as extreme, this means:
A. No wood fires, charcoal only.
B. No fires of any kind. Smoking must be done in your vehicle.
C. Fires only in designated areas.
D. No campfires - Coleman style stoves only.

20. If campers near your site are intoxicated and are arguing late at night you should:
A. Look for the ranger's house to report the problem.
B. Go ask the noisy campers to keep it down.
C. Call 911.
D. Ignore the noise and hope they stop.

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