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Camping and hiking information
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The Adventure Pass - Worth the price of admission?

Congress has cut the US Forest Services budget by 33% in the past three years. To compensate for the lack of funds created by budjet cuts, Congress has allowed The US Forest Service to try out a pilot program to bring in revenue. Fifty sites are now testing this system out on a three year pilot program. In California you will find this program in effect on the Angeles National Forest, the Los Padres National Forest, the San Bernardino National Forest and the Cleveland National Forest.

To park on these forests you are required to purchase a $5.00 daily pass or purchase an 'Adventure Pass' for $30.00 per year.

This temporary program was supposed to end on the date of 5-26-98, but this program has not ended. This program seems to have become permanent.

The revenue created from these passes is to go to improving the forest you are visiting. There are a few problems with this idea.

More Issues

Many forests charge camping fees. I think it is unreasonable to charge for entrance fees and camping fees. Many of our National Parks already do this.

Camping used to be an inexpensive alternative for travelers. Our government seems to be struggling to make this an experience of the past.

I live near the southern area of the Los Padres National Forest. Many people have protested this issue in the local newspaper. People have demonstrated on the forest in protest of the Adventure Pass. I was not aware of the protest - if I had been I would have been there.

If this is a program you would like to stop, please help by e-mailing the people listed below!

Please help fight this!
Senator Barbara Boxer

Senator Dianne Feinstein

US Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck

Mr. Glickman Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman

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