Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Welcome! My name is Mary Bouldin and I can help you with your family camping trip!

The Camp-A-Roo Testing StaffIf you are interested in camping in U.S. or want to take a baby or child camping, this is the spot for you! The camping info here is not for the hard-core enthusiast. This is for the family on a road trip and focuses on easy access to camping, supplies, and short hikes (under 10 miles). We found some good camping information at CampersPrep at

Are you taking a baby camping for the first time?
Would you like to find the best way to find a campsite using the interent while avoiding nasty pitfalls? Maybe you'd like to add a tip for camping with kids or find some tasty recipes. Perhaps you would like to test your camping know-how and earn your Good Camping award. You might even want to take a peek at some great gift ideas that your kids can make with stuff they find while camping. Please take a look at the site map as there simply aren't links to every single page - we ran out of room! Whatever you do, please enjoy your stay!

Information on the Road

I found this site is a bit too cumbersom to be used with Palm Pilots and cell phones, so I am cutting out all the fun stuff and providing text only information for people on the road. This data can be accessed at HTTP://CAMP-A-ROO.COM/PALM. Hope you find this handy!

Tip of the Day

Click here for great camping tips and tricks! Also, checkout the Youtube channel of campersprep for some greate vidoes.
Take a peek at the Camp-A-Roo Database! This database is designed to provide information on recreation sites in the USA and Canada. These entries are quite detailed - not just a list of park names and phone numbers. Click here to come search!
The database now contains lots of information on private campgrounds.

Your camping web page should be here!

If you have a web page describing a specific camping area (commercial as well as home pages welcome!) click here to add your site to the database!

The Army Corps of Engineers are looking for volunteers. Volunteers are not paid but receive other benefits. They gain valuable skills, work outdoors, help people and the environment, meet new people, have fun, and enjoy making a difference.
If you have never worked in the wilderness - please give it a try! I've worked many jobs - but miss nothing more than my time working with the USFS. Click Here or call 1-800-VOL-TEER or 1-800-865-8337 to sign up for a free volunteer packet with opportunities, points of contact, application, Brochure and maps!

If you follow forest politics you might want to click here to see what new surprises your recreation area may have in store for you!
I am working on a new project - a site about my sweet little Tom. He has changed my families' life. All children make changes in your life, but our Tom has made us rethink most everything. Drop by if you want to know more.

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