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Ancient Ruins

of the Southwest
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Organ Pipe
Petrified Forest
Walnut Canyon
Joshua Tree
Red Top Mountain
Angel Peak
Montezuma Castle
Montezuma Wells
Arches Nat. Monument
Capital Reef
Natural Bridges
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Outdoors in Arizona
a Guide to Camping
Walnut Canyon National Monument

Just East of Flagstaff Arizona

This is a great little side trip for kids who need a break from the car. The interior of the visitor center is carpeted, and I turned my crawling son loose for a much needed stretch.

This park qualifies as a four Roo site
For information on the Roo rating system just click on the Roos! This is one of my favorite visitor centers. The employees here were very helpful when I was here and the displays are not to be missed. Don't forget to check out the fantastic photographs of the local Native Americans - believed to be ancestors of Walnut Canyons first inhabitants. There are samples of pottery found in the valley, and more made by the local indians.

The picnic area alone makes this stop worth while. There are many sites - but my family enjoyed lunch on the large covered patio behind the visitor center. There are no tables there, but the view makes the lack of a table meaningless.

If you hike into the canyon you'll see some really great ruins. The trail is completely paved and handrails are present everywhere but I didn't find this intrusive to my enjoyment of the park. This trail has MANY stairs and is not for strollers or handicapped individuals who require wheelchair access.

There is a drinking fountain in the visitor center with some of the sweetest (and coldest) water you'll ever find. This water is pumped up from a spring in the valley below.
Fill up a small water container before you decend into the valley. It is a fairly long way down, but the trip up seems enourmous for little kids and out of shape adults like me! It's almost all stairs!

You will find some well preserved ruins at the bottom of the canyon. This must have been a wonderful place to live!

This area is just a few miles off of the main highway Interstate 40 and is well worth the stop. Just follow the exit signs.

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