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The Backcountry Classroom

Missing School?

Many people prefer to camp in the fall or spring. There are many advantages to this for both you and your children so don't count out camping trips during the school year.

Go camping when fees are lower and the campgrounds are not full. You will have a much more pleasant trip if you don't have to compete with hundreds of other campers for a few great sites.

Many areas offer better weather in the spring and the fall - so don't miss the best time of year at your favorite park! Click here for more information on seasonal camping.

Many people take time off in the summer. Your boss may really appreciate you taking your vacation at a less common time of year. You may also be able to choose when you want to go rather than having to try to squeeze your vacation between your co-workers vacation plans.

Spend some real quality time with your kids and go camping when the camp grounds are not full of other children. Schools
Many schools consider a family vacation like camping an educational opportunity. Your child may be asked to keep a journal or to write a report on their traveling experiences.

Ask for a lesson plan for your child well in advance so your child's school has time to prepare one.

Contact your child's school or teacher well in advance so you can avoid camping at crucial times in your child's education - testing or instruction in something new and important (like cursive or addition).

Children bond in the first weeks of school and have parties and testing in the last weeks of school, so these are times to avoid an outing.

Camping during the school year teaches your children that education is not just for school - they can learn new things everywhere.

Taking time off from school teaches your children that their relationship with you is very important - even worth missing school and work for.

Children will be able to learn more in the camp grounds outside of the summer months when there are fewer children in the parks.

Home Schooling
Why home school at home? When you are home schooling your children your classroom is wherever you want it to be.

Many camping areas are simply not accessible in the summer time. Some parks are full all summer. Many parks are not pleasant in the summer. Parks in the southern U.S. are terribly humid all summer long and desert camping in the southwestern U.S. is dangerously hot in the summer.

Take a break and enjoy your vacation!

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