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The Scavenger Hunt 
You may have participated in a scavenger hunt as a child. This game may have rules that are a bit different. 

This scavenger hunt is for spotting things, not for actual collection! Please explain to your children the importance of leaving things the way they are found! 
Pine cone                                                        +3 points  

  Seed pods                                                      +3 points  

  3 Different types of leaves                            +3 points  

   For each leaf identified                 +5 points per leaf  
  3 Different rocks                                          +3 points  
   For each stone identified              +5 points per rock  
  3 Different insects                                       +5 points  
  For each insect identified             +7 points per insect  
Animal tracks (If you need help identifying these - I will have a a page for that soon!)  

  Dog tracks                                                    +3 points  

  Raccoon tracks                                              +5 points  

  Cat tracks                                                    +10 points  

Deer tracks                                                   +8 points  

  Bear tracks                                                 +15 points  

Animal Spotting (an adult must witness a siting for it to be valid!)  

  Any 3 regional birds                                    +3 points  

   For each bird identified                +5 points per bird
  Humming bird                                              +4 points  

  Hawk or Vulture                                          +4 points  

  Mouse or other rodent                                  +5 points  

  Squirrel                                                         +4 points  

  Raccoon                                                         +4 points  

  Lizard                                                            +5 points  

  Deer                                                               +10 points  

  Wild cat                                                         +20 points  

  Bear                                                               +25 points 

 Please add to this list as you find it necessary! 
Send me your suggestions