Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Morraine State Park

by Joie Boltz

Joie Boltz finds this park qualifies as a Three Roo site.

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Ranger The Ranger Station has a lot to offer because the Rangers have gathered samples of local flora and fauna from the area and have made an excellent exhibit which is enjoyed by people of all ages.

picnic The picnic area is worth a visit because it overlooks the lake. It is shaded by different types of trees which have been marked by the rangers so children and adults alike will know what types of trees are in the area.

Do you like hikes in the forest or at the waters edge? Come here!

The campground became my favorite spot after I saw the facilities. There are hookups for RVs. There is a laundrymat and small store to buy the necessities at if you don't want to make the trip into town. There is also a path to the lake which has a swimming area and off to the other side there are docks and boat launch areas.

You are not supposed to swim in any area not marked off with ropes. The boat traffic is considerable on a nice day - with motorboats and sailboats galore. There are nooks and crannies which one can find easily that you can sit down and throw out your fishing line and relax while the fish do the rest.

water There are enough fountains stationed at different parts of the park. If you are going hiking into the forest definitely bring a canteen of water with you. Though there are spring fed streams the area... the area was reclaimed from strip mines so I wouldn't drink any water unless you were told it was safe.

There are no ruins or rock art present in the park. It is however a glacial lake park which has been reclaimed.

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I like to take nice hikes in the summer...however with the cold of the winter I enjoy the indoors. I work at the computer. I am presently trying to take courses online which will lead to certification. I also take courses which I enjoy. I do all the graphics for my websites using Paint Shop Pro and sometimes Micrografx Simply 3D.
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