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I have quite a few cars. You can find information on a few of them right here - and links to the rest right on this page

The 1967 Dodge Cornet
This car has a 383 automatic with center console and bucket seats. At present the 383 is only running on 6 cylenders. This makes for a rough idle but you'd never guess there was a problem when you get it on the freeway. The Cornet has AC and PS - and belonged to a nice little old lady.
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The 1970 SS Chevrolet Chevelle
This car was rescued from a life of neglect. The car was stored under plastic in a yard with a few very large dogs. The dogs liked to jump on the car - and scratched the paint and the rear window just about to death.


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When I towed the Chevelle home the brakes were half apart, needed a two row radiator, no transmission cooler lines, and the motor and transmission were out of the vehicle. The motor was supposted to have just been rebuilt - and I was told that it had not been broken in yet.

Many of the parts that came with the car would not work at all. It turned out to be one heck of a project - but is a pretty sweet car just the same.



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