Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Campground Litter and Pollution

Most campers make a good effort not to litter, but pollution is a major problem! Many people do pollute - not realizing that they are doing so. Please be aware that anything unnatural that you introduce to the outdoors will have some impact.


  • Soap This includes dish soap, shampoo, and any other cleaner you may use. Many people use Comet or other powdered cleansers around their campsite to keep the ants away. These compounds contain bleach. When it rains, your campsite vegetation will get a bath in bleach. This is not healthy for your camping environment!

    Water spigots are polluted regularly. these areas are for filling up your water containers. These areas areas are not for dish washing, hair rinsing, or dumping. Vegetation seeks out any source of water. Would you water your own plants with a healthy dose of Dawn dish detergent?

    Dirty dish water can contain all kinds of bacteria. Anything you dump from your dish drainer can contaminate the surrounding area. Please dump your dish water into a drain or a pit toilet!
    Be kind to the environment and select an Earth friendly dish detergent especially when camping if you can.

  • Other Chemicals Chemical toilets and RV's use special chemicals to dissolve the waste. These chemicals are not meant to prepare your sludge for public toilets! Gray water and black water should be dumped in the appropriate places - at a dumping facility! These wastes will clog most public bathrooms and actually erode pumping equipment used to empty pit toilets. If you put the toilets out of order in your camping area you may make a lot of people angry - as well as finding yourself with a large fine. Please use the camping facilities wisely!
  • Litter

    Everyone knows that litter is a bad thing, but it doesn't seem to help much in some areas! When you go camping please keep in mind that the following items do not bio-degrade easily!

    Most people know the basic rule of camping. Leave your site cleaner than you found it. I understand that camping fees have gotten out of hand in many places - but I assure you that the employees who will clean your campsite are not benefiting from these cost increases. If you don't like the fees, contact your local Congress person or write a letter to the park - don't take it out in trade!

    Please help keep our parks clean!

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