Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

The Garbage Scavenger Hunt

Want to teach your kids to respect nature while having a fun time? Try this scavenger hunt! (gloves recommended)

Aluminum Foil +5 points

Styrofoam +7 points

Plastic wrap (like saran wrap) +5 points 

Regular aluminum (pie tins and such) +5 points

Aluminum can with pull tab +10 points 

Aluminum can opened with church key +25 points

Chip bag +5 points

Six-pack plastic ring beverage holder +10 points 

Bottle caps +3 points

Gum wrapper +5 points

Other paper garbage +3 points

I have intentionally left out cigarette butts and all glass products off of this list so this game can be played by most ages. The adults always get to do the fun stuff!

You can decide how many of each item can be collected before the game will end.

Can you think of something that should be on this list?
Just e-mail me with your suggestions!

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