Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Chiricahua National Monumnet

I have been to many National Monuments, but this is my favorite. As you can see from the photos, this is a lovely place!
The Camp-A-Roo gang has just returned from a four day stay here - so look for new information soon!
(We saw a rattle snake!)

This park qualifies as a four Roo site.
For information on the Roo rating system just click on the Roos!

rangerstation The Ranger Station is located a few miles from the entrance station, and is an easy walk from the campgrounds. The station is nice, but my favorite feature here is the free shuttle bus offered. There are several small hikes in this park, but the maina big rock balancing trail is only five miles long and starts at the top of the park. The shuttle takes you to the highest elevation the main road reaches. You then have an easy hike downhill back to the Ranger Station or the campground.

picnic There are many nice pull-outs throughout the park. There is an area just to the right of the entrance station with tables. This spot is usually open as there are no rock formations visible from this area. There are a few grave stones nearby with interesting historical note.

Trails All of the trails I hiked in this park were well maintained and were very safe. I must recommend the hike I have already described above under Ranger Stations. Enjoy! This place is incredible!

camping The campgrounds are great (I am a tent camper, but R.V. camping is fine too) and the campground hosts are informative and very nice! I am not usually one for group gatherings, but the evening camp meeting was excellent when I was there.This facility provides transportation to the top of the park, and an easy downhill walk of five miles will bring you back to the Ranger station. Incredible is the only term I can use for the rock formations-this is a must do! This park is usually full in the spring. I recommend you go to the park information page I have linked to at the top of the page for the specific seasons this park is full. There is a National Forest only a few miles away that offers camping, so don't dispair if you travel in spring.

water There is water available in the campgrounds and at the visitor center, but you won't find any at the trail heads.

Driving into the area is a big surprise. It looks as though you're driving into nowhere. It isn't until you're actually into the park that you'll see how amazing this place is. I must recommend that you fill your gas tank and load up on goodies before you leave the main highways. The nearest store is about 30 miles away. This place is worth a few days so be prepared!

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