Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Campfire Safety

Nothing says camping like a roaring campfire. Camping and fires go hand in hand - but campfires and small children don't go together well at all. You can safely have a fire in your campsite but it requires a bit of care and planning.

Should you have a Fire?

Campfires are more dangerous in the summer and in unusually dry and windy seasons. Recreation areas should be able to provide you with information on the fire danger. Fire Danger is measured at five levels.

  1. LOW

Click here to see a fire danger map of the US.

Before the Fire

Fire pits and grills can be dangerous at all times and require caution.

Many people attempt to burn dangerous items in a fire. Keep your kids away from the ashes and look out for: Many kids get injured tripping over fire rings or running into grills. You can prevent accidents like this by:

How to build a fire

Make a fire that is safe to light. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing fuel to feed a campfire.

Gasoline should never come near a campfire. Some 'garbage' can release toxic fumes when burned. Some vegetation should not be used for campfires Green Fuel

How to light a fire

There are four common ways to light a fire.

During the Fire

During your campfire there are many things you will need to consider to ensure safety. Different rules will apply to different ages and temperments of children.

Fire can be dangerous for anyone. There are a few simple rules that are easy to enforce.

After the Fire

Learning to break down a fire is just as important as learning to build one.

If you built your fire at the trailside: Make sure your fire is dead out.

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