Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Bryce National Park

Southeastern Utah

My information on this park is rather limited. I arrived here in mid March - having driven through a blinding snow storm. The park was wonderful but I didn't do much camping or hiking.
This park is presently unrated due to weather conditions.

The Ranger Station was near the park entrance. The staff was very informative and friendly, the displays were quite up to date and attractive.

Only a small portion of the park was open but I did not see any picnic tables in the areas my family was able to visit.

There were many trails along the cliffs edge but they were closed due to the weather. I personally wouldn't have felt comfortable hiking with young kids along the cliffs edge. There are many turn-outs with very short walks to vista points. If you have kids that like to slither under railings I'd keep a close eye on them here.

There were several camp grounds in the park. This park also borders on a large National Forest so I doubt camping would be a problem.

All the water I saw was frozen! There was water available at the Ranger Station, but I'm not sure about the campgrounds.
The rock formations in the park are called Hoodoos - meaning 'pillar of rock' and these hoodoos are incredible!


Located in Southwestern Utah, an easy drive from Zion National Monument. Just go to the east from Zion on route 9 to 89 north. Hatch is the last town you'll come to before going east on route 12 to the park.

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