Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Bandalier National Monument

Northern New Mexico

This is a great spot, but a bit out of the way. The nearest large city is Santa Fe, New Mexico. The signs leading to the park are plentiful, but it is a bit of a drive.

This park qualifies as a three Roo site.
For information on the Roo rating system just click on the Roos!

ranger The Ranger Station is located near the main entrance. The parking lot here is the only parking for the main trail, so come early if you come in season, or you'll find yourself waiting for a parking spot.

picnic The picnic sites are really nice here. There are several bathrooms throughout the picnic area, and water pumps too! The tables are situated in the trees, with ample space netween picnic sites. The picnic area is located at the head of the main trail near the visitor center. The parking is not adequate on busy days in season, so get there early!

trail This is a great place for hiking. There is one main trail to choose from without entering the wilderness, but many sights to see on this trail. It all depends on how far you want to go (or how high!).There are many obscure trails for the true hiker- or plenty to see for a mom carrying a 25 lb. baby.
Dad and boy up a big ladderThere is a big climb- up many ladders if you travel down the main trail far enough. It's very nice, but if you're afraid of a long drop I don't recommend it. (I am a pretty big chicken and I made it with my boy in a pack on my back).
There is plenty to see before coming to the area requiring climbing these ladders, and the trail is fine for children of all ages. The ladders are secure, but the drop is too far for comfort, and I would hesitate to take a young child up.

camping The campgrounds nice, and you'll find heaters in the rest rooms (a real blessing on cold nights). This is a great place to camp, but be prepared for cold nights. This campground does fill up early in the summer.

water There is water available both in the campground (this facility provides flush toilets) and in the picnic area.

petrogliffs This area was once home to the Anastasi Indians (the ancient ones) and you can find wonderful ruins here.ruins I saw many people climbing on the walls of these old dwellings and can only hope that no one visiting my page will do the same. The ruins are on the main trail and can't be missed.
This park is located relatively near Santa Fe, New mexico. My family found Santa Fe a very nice town with a fantastic historic district. You can find any information you need on the area by following the signs to the visitor center. I must warn you that the visitor center is located a bit off the main roads, and following the signs to it is like a scavenger hunt. Just when you think you must have gone too far, you'll see another sign! The center is very nice, and has lots of information. On the east side of Santa Fe you can find the local library and indoor swimming pool. For a very reasonable rate you can wear out the kids in the pool and take a hot shower.

The nearest large city is Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Directions from Santa Fe: Take highway 84 north to 502. Go west on the 502 to the 501. Highway 501 will take you into the park.
Campgrounds are available, but are usually full in the summer months.

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