Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents
Camping and hiking information
with tips for parents

Angel Peak Recreation Area

This area is run by BLM (The Bureau of Land Management).
The road turn-off for this area is quite deceptive. It looks like a dirt road going into no-where. Travel a mile down that dirt road and you are in for a big surprise!

This area is a convenient camp spot between Aztec Ruins National Monument and Chaco Culture National Monument.

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Ranger I'd camp here again anytime! There is no Ranger Station, no information booth, and the sign marking the turn-off is hardly visible as you fly by at 60 mph. Look for a large dirt turn-out to the east and you might just get to the dirt road to this recreation area on the first try. This road is dirt but is well graded and is easily traveled by any vehicle.

picnic There is a lovely picnic area a few miles from the turn-out. I imagine it is quite warm in summer, but each spot has its own sun shelter, table, and grill.


The Angel Peak Recreation Area is located in north-western New Mexico.
The nearest town is Bloomfield which is approximately 20 miles to the north.
The turn off can be found on highway 44 and the park is to the east.

our camper's view at Angel Peak

A nature trail can be found on your drive through the campground. The camping area is approximately 8 miles from the main highway. This trail is quite short (under .3 miles) and has numbered signs. Unfortunately - there were no interpretive books to go along with the trail. The trail registry book was so full there was no place for us to even sign our names.

Camping here is fantastic! We found the campground completely vacant. There are 18 sites here and they all looked really nice. We picked a site with its own garbage can, pit toilet, and fire ring. The campground is quite near a big overlook, but we were able to choose a spot that was safe for our three year old. The rest rooms were out of Angel peak lovely viewtoilet paper - but that was a small price to pay for FREE (did I say FREE?) Yes - free camping. Free camping with one of the nicest views I have seen.

water There is NO water here. It can be quite warm, so please bring plenty!

This is a lovely place to camp. The facilities seem to be a bit neglected (no TP paper, etc.) by both BLM employees and visitors. Why this spot has so few campers, I don't know. We loved it!

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